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Collected Movie Costume Links

I really have to update this properly, many effusions in an apologetic way. Will try and update tomorrow. I have a pretty Elizabethan mess dress and a pelisse I'm making in calico at the moment. No trauma so far, I'm basing both on pieces from the Patterns of Fashion books ~ Janet Arnold was a marvel and I found out the other day my friend at work was taught by her at university! Small world eh? Anyway, I digress....

Really I have to gush a little, I found a link to a gallery of photos taken of some fantabulous film costume exhibition which includes:

The dancing dress from Elizabeth
Marianne & Colonel Brandon's Wedding Costumes
Tatiana's Red Gown from Onegin *SQUEEEE*

and many others but I'm all squeee-d out to talk futher about it. I get far too excited about these things. Here's the link anyway ~

Fashion in Film and more here

Sense & Sensibility


Portrait of a Lady

Billy Cruddup's Orange Gown from Stage Beauty

Also found some pictures of some costumes from the 2004 version of Vanity Fair which are for sale, all Becky Sharp costumes and very nice too. When I win the lottery.....ahhhh...

Vanity Fair

REALLY excellent photos of the 'Just Breathe' gown from Ever After

Miramax's Emma (wedding dress)


Gosford Park

And calm yourselves... Sleepy Hollow</a. (includes the rose cloak)
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