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c.1815 Hussar pelisse and hat

This is based on a costume that Becky Sharp wears in Vanity Fair (BBC version), mixing it with some items from Fashion~ Kyoto Museum.


Orginal sketch

The pelisse is made of red wool and is lined in mustard yellow cotton (might change to satin or another shiny fabric).

The skirt of the pelisse is vented with covered buttons to match the main fabric at the waistline at rear.

The bodice has a standing collar and has gold embroidery in a floral design at the rear centre back between the shoulder blades, on the elbows, forearm and on the front edge of bodice and collar.

There are parallel lines of braiding extending across the breast of the pelisse with a distinct angle towards the CF of waistline (to help cover darts) with fabric covered buttons.

Underneath the pelisse a white muslin dress is worn and a very light cotton yoke with a high collar and frilled edge and matching long sleeves and cuffs.

The hat is black with black ostrich feather decoration and red and yellow striped ribbon extends under the chin and ties at the side (use of poppers perhaps?) which is covered by a rosette with gold tassels.


During the Napoleonic Wars (1793-1815) military influenced outfits were very popular. There are many cases of frogging, braiding and other passementerie decoration on the front of spencers, pelisses and hats reminicent of regimental dress.

The hussar (a light cavalry) uniform with it's elaborate style was a very popular source of inspiration for fashion.

Hussarde Uniform 1787   Hussarde Uniform

Also visit brigade-napoleon for more information and Le General de Lasalle - 1806 by Ausguste Boyer for visual research.

Elizabeth Grant, who wrote Memoirs of a Highland Lady 1797-1827 makes one comment concerning an occasion when she :

"walked out like a hussar in a dark cloth pelisse trimmed with fur and braided like the coat of a staff-officer, boots to match, and a fur cap set on one side, and kept on the head by means of a cord with long tassels."

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