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Museum of Costume Collection

Ok, all the photos from Museum of Costume, Bath are uploaded into a shoddy gallery for the time being. The photos turned out really well considering the lighting and the glass.


The two pages I have online with notes are below, click the thumbnails to go to its page:


Still, the books are wonderful, I bought from the Museum of Costume are:
Victorian Fashions and Costumes from "Harper's Bazaar", 1867-98 ~ which I thought was incredibly good value for the price. It is a large book full of beautiful fashion plates.

A Dictionary of Costume and Fashion: Historic and Modern ~ possibly the most useful and concise book I've seen so far.

I also bought two out of print books from one of the book shops in Penzance on Thursday. One was £45 but is so completely worth it. It's huge! Book of Costume by Davenport. If you can track it down or hire it from the library then please do, I don't think you'll be disappointed :)

The other was a little one called Costume Design and Making from the 40s which has some patterns in the back.

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